Our History


Vaughn Pharmacy was established in 1966 when brothers Jack & E.S Bevins teamed up with Dr. Cecil Russell to open a medical practice and pharmacy. Bill Vaughn had been working at Farragut Drugs at the time and came on board as a pharmacist. The drugstore was originally called Bevins-Vaughn and occupied just one-quarter of the building. It was more or less a one-man operation with part time help from an after school delivery boy. However, as time went on, Bill Vaughn partnered with Dr. Russell in building a larger pharmacy across the street known as Vaughn Pharmacy. It was this version of the business that was eventually purchased by Dwight and Andrea Disney in 1988.

Vaughn Pharmacy
Vaughn Pharmacy

Dwight had just graduated from Mercer Pharmacy School that summer and the couple had dreams of owning their own small-town pharmacy with Dwight running the pharmacy and Andrea doing the book keeping. Dwight worked alongside Bill Vaughn in the pharmacy to learn the ropes, while Pat trained Andrea in the paperwork and insurance filing tasks. It took over a month before everyone felt comfortable enough to pass the torch to Dwight and Andrea to tackle the running of the business on their own!

From the beginning, always focusing on the customers was their number one priority and still is today! Since then, Vaughn Pharmacy has continued to thrive and is a key part of Powell’s local community. Customers enjoy the personal touch that comes with a family owned pharmacy rather than a big-name chain.

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