When it comes to protecting your health during the winter months, we all know about getting our flu shots, staying warm, and dressing appropriately. However, there are also other steps that you can take to protect yourself from winter illnesses. Ensuring that you get the right nutrients into your body either from your diet or by taking supplements can boost your immune system and help you stay healthy this winter. Your local pharmacy can assist you in purchasing the appropriate over the counter vitamins.

Let’s take a look at some of the best vitamins and supplements to keep you healthy this winter.

Vitamin D

Most of us soak up Vitamin D from the sun when we spend time outdoors, but that can be problematic in the winter months when you do not have as much opportunity to spend time outside thanks to colder weather and shorter days. Vitamin D is vital for healthy bones and a robust immune system. Few foods provide Vitamin D, so the easiest way to get a steady supply of the nutrient is to ask your local pharmacy for a Vitamin D supplement.

Vitamin C

We couldn’t have a list of essential winter vitamins without mentioning Vitamin C! Many people view this as a magic pill that keeps colds at bay, but that isn’t necessarily the case! Vitamin C will not stop you from catching a cold, but it will reduce the severity when you do get sick. This is because it helps to strengthen your immune system. Citrus fruits are a great natural source of Vitamin C, or you can purchase over the counter supplements from your local pharmacy.


Zinc is a powerful weapon in your arsenal when it comes to the fighting of viruses and bacteria. It is a must for the cold and flu season! It is also heavily involved in producing antibodies and supporting immune system processes. Ask your local pharmacy for the best way to introduce Zinc into your body – many people recommend Zinc lozenges.


Iron deficiency is incredibly common. It is believed that around 5 million people across the United States have an iron deficiency. This can cause significant problems since it is responsible for hemoglobin production – the protein that carries oxygen to your tissue. It is also used in regulating body temperature, so it is useful in the winter months. You can add Iron to your diet by increasing the number of beans, lentils, leafy greens, and red meat – or like the other supplements.

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