Winter is the season of cold, chills, and low temperatures. The temperature can sometimes drop drastically during winter, leading to a lot of health issues. As the temperature of the surroundings decreases, the body temperature reduces too. That’s one of the reasons Winter is a season where the body is highly susceptible to infections and diseases.

Cold weather can aggravate existing health problems like asthma, cold, and cough even more. Senior citizens who are more than 60 years old are highly vulnerable to many viral infections. This is true for children as well who are less than five years of age.

During winter, your local pharmacy TN store can help you and your family stay healthy and well. Local pharmacy TN stores are the first point of call for people who feel unwell and restless at home. Just like doctors and medical practitioners, pharmacists at your local pharmacy TN stores too are trained professionals who can recommend and advise treatments for minor illnesses like a common cold, flu, etc.

Here are some helpful winter tips from your local pharmacy TN store to keep yourself healthy.

Tip # 1: Keep yourself hydrated

Water consumption reduces drastically during winter. This is because you aren’t sweating enough for your body to lose water. It is crucial for you to drink the optimal amount of water during winter as well, just like you do during summer. Not doing so can result in severe dehydration and may also cause a lot of other health problems. Drinking an adequate amount of water helps to flush out those toxins from the body.

Tip # 2: Get rid of the winter lethargy and tiredness

In winter, the sun hardly comes out and shines brightly. This causes lethargy and dullness. People feel tired and sluggish throughout the entire day. It is important to beat this tiredness and get out of the house. Winter months may also affect the sleep-wake cycle in people.

  • Exercise regularly on a daily basis, at least for 10-15 minutes.
  • Go out and take a morning walk in the pleasant weather.
  • Perform yoga or meditate to eliminate stress.

Tip # 3: Eat a healthy diet

A great way to keep your body healthy and functioning normally in the winter is by having a healthy and balanced diet with the right combination of fruits, vegetables, and pulses. Winter is a great opportunity for you to explore some rich fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Tip # 4: Get adequate sleep

Be it any season or time of the year; it is important to get a good night’s sleep. On average, it is ideal to get sleep for at least 6 – 8 hours every day. If you are not getting enough sleep, your immune system may be highly susceptible to infections. Sleep is the recharge that your body machinery needs to function properly. Overlooking sleep can take a significant toll on your health.

Tip # 5: Wash your hands regularly

In winter, colds, coughs, and flu are very common. In order to keep these at bay, it is important for you to keep your hands clean by washing them regularly with soap and water. When outside, it is important to keep a sanitizer bottle handy to sanitize your hands on a regular basis, especially when you eat outside food.

Tip # 6: Take a flu shot

Getting a flu shot, also known as a flu vaccine, is crucial to keep away the flu virus from infecting your body. You can easily get one at a local pharmacy TN store like Vaughn Pharmacy at a reasonable price without any prior appointment, of course.

If you are looking out for some more winter tips to maintain wellness, Vaughn Pharmacy is the perfect place for you. A local pharmacy TN like Vaughn Pharmacy helps people in the local community to stay fit and healthy during winter.

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