As the Winter months begin to approach, it is a great time to think about some seasonal first aid tips. Our minds immediately go to it being cold and flu season and stocking up on our tried and tested remedies for these ailments, and it is undoubtedly a good idea to visit your local pharmacy for those supplies. However, winter is also a big time for injuries, and it is essential to be prepared for those too!

Let’s take a look at a few Winter first aid tips to see you through until Spring. Don’t forget – you can pick up any proper supplies or seek out additional advice from your local pharmacy.

Sprains, Strains, and Breaks!

When the ground becomes icy and slippery underfoot, the number of injuries rises. Aside from the minor bumps, scrapes, and bruises that come from falls, a higher number of people also suffer sprains, strains, and even breaks. In case of a sprain or strain, there is one word you need to remember – RICE!

  • R – Rest
  • I – Ice
  • C – Compression
  • E – Elevation

You can pick up supplies such as splints, crutches, ice packs and compression bandages from your local pharmacy. However, if you do fall victim to a cold or flu then remember to get plenty of rest, stay hydrated and talk to your local pharmacy about the best over the counter remedies.

Cold & Flu

The best defense against Flu is to make sure you get your annual Flu vaccination at your local pharmacy or doctor’s office.

Winter Sunburn?

If you thought sunscreen was only for Summer, then you would be wrong! Did you know? You are actually just as much at risk from sunburn during the Winter months as you are at the height of Summer? Many people spend time outdoors in Winter, perhaps engaging in sporting activities, so it is important to keep your skin protected from harmful UV rays. This is especially important if we get any snowfall since snow covered ground can reflect 75% of the sun’s rays towards you. Stock up on sunscreen at the local pharmacy if you have plans to be outdoors this winter!

Extreme Winter Emergencies

Winter in Tennessee is generally on the milder side, so we do not often have to deal with temperatures that are too extreme. However, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared with some basic knowledge of more extreme Winter emergencies such as hypothermia and frostbite!

  • Frostbite happens when the skin cells and underlying tissues freeze causing damage to the cell walls. It usually affects extremities like toes, fingers, ears, and noses when exposed to extreme cold. Look out for pale or very red skin, hard skin and numbness.
  • Hypothermia occurs when the body’s internal temperature drops to under 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Children, seniors and those with low body fat percentages are most at risk. Symptoms include severe shivering, mental confusion, pale or blue skin, slowing heart rate and lack of coordination.


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