We often head into Thanksgiving, thinking that it only comes once a year, so why shouldn’t we indulge a little! It is not uncommon to gain a pound or two! However, in reality, Thanksgiving is just the kick-off for over a month of festive celebrations. Those extra pounds can quickly become a permanent feature of your waistline if you are not careful! As your local pharmacy, we want to help you to be as healthy as possible, and that’s why we’ve put together a few tips to help keep your health and wellbeing in check over the holiday season!

1 – Get Active

One of the big problems surrounding Thanksgiving and the other holidays is that the focus is on food. Not just any food, but rich calorie-laden food! It’s okay to indulge yourself a little over the holidays, but it is also important to try and offset that additional calorie intake by being a little more active. Eating a little less and moving a little more is the ideal way to keep weight gain to a minimum – plus the physical activity is also great for your heart and other systems within the body. Why not start a new family tradition of taking a walk in the park before or after dinner? Fall is a beautiful time to spend outdoors!

2 – Don’t Skip Breakfast

Since we have recommended eating less, it might seem strange to remind you not to skip meals! However, Breakfast is an essential part of a healthy diet, and if you eat a small but satisfying meal in the morning, then you are less likely to go crazy at the Thanksgiving Feast! Wholegrain cereal or some wheat toast with an egg are great options.

3 – Lighten Up & Mind Your Portions

If you are responsible for cooking the Thanksgiving meal, why not make a few small changes to the usual recipes to reduce the calories. Most recipes call for much more sugar and fat than is actually needed, so try cutting back a little – we bet nobody is going to notice! You can also control your food intake by being mindful of your portion sizes. Try using a smaller plate when you head to the Thanksgiving table!

4 – Be Realistic

While it is important to keep your overall health and wellbeing in mind, it is still a holiday, and you need to cut yourself a little slack. Be realistic with yourself. Allow yourself to have fun and eat those delicious snacks and dishes, but do so in moderation. If you gain a little weight, that’s okay! The problem lies in letting those few holiday cheat days turn into long term habits! Enjoy your day – then get back on track! You can talk to your local pharmacy if you need some pointers on weight management and healthy eating.

5 – Put the Focus on Friends & Family

Thanksgiving doesn’t just have to be about food! It is also a time to be thankful for the blessings in our lives. Those blessings include our friends and our family. It’s been a tough year, and many people have had to limit contact with their loved ones due to the Coronavirus pandemic, so why not take this opportunity to move the focus on spending quality time together doing something other than just eating a meal together! Plan some fun activities and games. Don’t forget social distancing where appropriate – you can purchase face coverings, hand sanitizer, and cleaning supplies at your local pharmacy to make sure everyone stays as safe as possible.


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