Regardless of where you are, if you’re outside in the summer, the sun blazes in the sky watching over everyone. Some consider day and night such a mundane thing. But, the sun is critical to us and we depend on it to survive.

The 27-million-degree ball of gas anchored above our heads provides benefits and risks to us… much of it related to our very health. So, whether you’re walking outside a drug store in Powell, TN or you’re watching a little league baseball game, it’s good to know about the health benefits and risks the sun poses… and how to best protect yourself.

The Good

The greatest gift the sun has given is the ability to sustain life on this planet! But, let’s break it down into more relatable benefits we reap each day. Vaughn Pharmacy, your local drug store in Powell, TN has a list of benefits -

  • Better sleep. Taking the time to soak in the sun for an hour in the morning can lead to better sleep at night. After the sun sets and darkness eases in, our bodies produce melatonin (a chemical that helps us sleep). By absorbing some rays in the morning, your body will be better prepared to produce the melatonin at night to provide a solid night’s sleep.
  • Stress Relief. Another benefit to our bodies producing melatonin is that it reduces stress. Time taken outside regulates melatonin. And mom was also right… spending time outside running around in the fresh air will tire you out… ultimately relieving stress.
  • Strong bones and healthy immunity. Just 15 minutes a day allows your body to take in critical vitamin D which is needed for strong, healthy bones. As an added bonus, vitamin D strengthens your immune system. If you find that you can’t get outside as much as you’d like, stop in a drug store in Powell, TN to pick up a supplement.

The Bad

Unfortunately, with all the good that the blazing ball in the sky represents, there also comes risks. Luckily, any drug store in Powell, TN sells much of what you need to mitigate or alleviate the fallout from spending a little too much time outside during the height of the day.

  • Skin cancer. Sustaining sunburns and overexposure to UV rays increases your risk of developing melanoma (the leading cause of death resulting from skin cancer).
  • Premature aging. Does this concept frighten you? You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who says they’re happy that their skin looks much older than it really is. If not careful, excessive time under the sun affects your skin by thickening, wrinkling, and aging it. And once the damage is done, there’s no going back.
  • Eye damage. Before you buzz around performing your duties outside, grab a pair of sunglasses from a drug store in Powell, TN. If you don’t protect your eyes from harmful UV light, expect an increased risk for eventual cataracts and retinal damage.

The Science of Sunscreen

One of the best ways to mitigate the ‘bad’ of sun exposure is to lavish yourself with sunscreen. With so many types and brands of sunblock available at a pharmacy or drug store in Powell, TN, the options can confuse even the savviest shopper.

Here are some basics to help educate you for your purchase –

  • UV exposure doesn’t discriminate. Fair skin may be prone to burn more, but all skin types require sunscreen and all shades of tone will burn.
  • Buy a broad-spectrum sunscreen. Select one that includes protection from UVA and UVB rays. (UVA penetrates deep into the skin and causes premature aging. UVB oftentimes leads to sunburn.)
  • Choose a water-resistant brand especially if water will encompass your day. Or even just sweating.
  • Pick the right SPF (sun protection factor). The SPF measures how well you’ll be protected from UVB when utilizing sunscreen. For regular everyday use, SPF 15 will suffice. If you’re going to be working out in the yard or spending a recreational day outdoors, consider bumping it up to SPF 30. Stepping up even further, select an SPF of 50 if fair-skinned if the day will be spent in direct sun exposure. Check with your local drug store in Powell, TN for recommendations if you’re not sure which one to pick.
  • Apply 30 minutes before running outside. Once time is spent outside (even on cloudy days), reapply every two hours to keep protected.

With some sense and a smattering of sunscreen, there’s no reason to stay inside this summer. Take appropriate precautions and reap the benefits of this time of year. The longest days of the year also seem to be the fastest ones to escape our grasp. By being sun-smart you won’t miss a minute of all the activities your family and friends have planned.

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