We’re nearing the end of summer, and the kids are gearing back up for the fall. Before all of the school schedules and fall festivals strain your calendar’s limits, it’s an excellent time to consider vaccines and if you’re due for one. August is National Vaccine Awareness Month, and it’s a great time to learn a little more about the basics of immunizations and how they work.

Vaughn Pharmacy a pharmacy in Powell, TN, offers many immunizations and thinks knowledge is power. Learning the basics about vaccines and how they work by equipping you with the ability to decide what’s best for you to visit a pharmacy in Powell, TN, to get up to date on your shots.

How Do They Work?

If you’re someone who likes to know precisely why you’re going to be rolling up your sleeve for a shot, it’s good to understand the basics of how vaccinations work. The first step to understanding vaccines is learning about the body’s immune system and its functions.

When germs or viruses enter the body, they divide and conquer, mounting an attack on your immune system. This results in an infection, ultimately a disease your body is tasked with battling. Some simple illnesses, like a common cold, can benefit from over-the-counter medicines picked up at a pharmacy in Powell, TN. While in other circumstances, asking the pharmacy in Powell, TN, for a vaccine would be the best option. Once infected, the body enlists white blood cells to assist in conquering the illness.

After a sickness invades the body, it takes a few days for the system to realize it’s under attack and stage a defense. Following the defensive strike, the body then remembers what it used to mount a charge against the viral invaders. After the first onset of a given sickness, the body remembers what it used in its “tool bag” and is better prepared to do battle next time.

This is where vaccines come into play. They imitate an infection to teach your immune system what’s needed in case you actually encounter that particular disease. Preparing your body for a potential illness with a vaccine may result in a slight fever or side effects. This is expected and tells you that the shot’s doing its job. If you do experience side effects, you can always manage them by picking up some relief at a pharmacy in Powell, TN.

The results may not be immediate. It takes up to a couple of weeks for your body to react to the vaccine and prepare for future battles. If you encounter a virus you received a shot for, you may still be vulnerable to that sickness until your body fully geared up its defenses over the past couple of weeks.

Types of Vaccines

If you visit a pharmacy in Powell, TN, and ask for a vaccine, feel free to ask your pharmacist what type of immunization you’ll be receiving. Various types of vaccines vary slightly from one another.

  • Live, attenuated vaccines – This type most resembles the actual infection. They consist of a weakened version of the virus or bacteria. Since this type of vaccine contains a live version of the pathogen, those with weakened immune systems should not get one. If you have questions or need to discuss having a weakened immune system, be sure to mention it to the pharmacist at your pharmacy in Powell, TN.
  • Inactivated vaccines - These contain an inactivated or dead version of a pathogen or virus. Since this type doesn’t include a live version of the illness, multiple doses may be required. This type is safer for the immunosuppressed population.
  • Subunit vaccines – This type doesn’t include an entire pathogen but rather only parts of the virus or bacteria. Since this allows the body to target specific parts of an illness, patients experience fewer side effects when receiving one.
  • Other types (mRNA) – The mRNA vaccine debuted for mass use with some COVID-19 shot options. This type works very differently from all of the others. mRNA created in a laboratory is injected into the body and tells the cells how to make a protein (or even a piece of one), triggering an immune response. Because of this, the body creates antibodies and prepares you to mount a defense against an illness such as COVID-19.

Now that you’re well-versed in all the types of vaccines out there and how they work, it’s time to consult your doctor or talk to a pharmacist at a pharmacy in Powell, TN. There’s a place for each type of immunization and the reason they all exist. By being equipped with an understanding of how this all operates, you’ll be able to make the most informed decisions for yourself.

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