Light and refreshing foods combined with cookouts seem to be the theme for eating healthy in the summer. Vaughn Pharmacy, your local pharmacy in Knoxville, TN, wants to see you succeed with selecting the best foods, with the best taste, to maintain your wellbeing. With minimal effort (Google healthy summer recipes and you’ll be swimming in suggestions) this season, you’ll be delighting in new or tried and true healthy options and your body will thank you, this summer.

The Basics… Let’s Get Started!

Daytime talk shows, news, and an array of social media outlets hash it out. They all cover healthy summer eating throughout the hottest months of the year. Even pharmacists who work in any given pharmacy in Knoxville, TN will be able to talk about smart food selections. Sometimes when you hear so much on every outlet possible, it becomes overwhelming. Let’s start with some basics

  • Choosing vegetables should be a no-brainer. Avocado smeared on various things always highlights a picnic. Roasting up onions and peppers can top a multitude of foods, especially beloved grill foods, to add some nutrition to your day.
  • Step up the salad. Avoid heavy, calorie-dense toppings (can we say ranch or fried chicken?) and opt to be creative and add various fresh toppings to your greenery. Avoid a trip to a pharmacy in Knoxville, TN to buy antacids after an unnecessary heavy salad and go light. Ditch fried chicken or steak and consider grilled chicken or fish instead.
  • Make a war plan for your next BBQ visit. Don’t beeline over to the dessert table or piles of ribs smothered in sauce to start. Find the fruits and veggies to fill up and skip the chips. If you start on better choices, your stomach will have less room to accommodate the unhealthy culprits. Moderate your intake to avoid busting your gut to squeeze it all in. That way, when the kiddos are dancing around the yard and playing you can join in vs. popping a button on your shorts to make room.
  • Take advantage of FRESH fruit. Find out what’s in season and it’ll be as good as any other snack. Be creative and try grilling some fruit to see how it turns out. Pineapple can be as sweet as candy straight off the grill.

Taking Advantage of Local Seasonal Foods

Shopping smart and targeting seasonal items provides a bunch of benefits. After gathering up general goods from a pharmacy in Knoxville, hop over to a farmer’s market or any place that sells local fresh fruits and veggies.

  • Save some burden on your wallet. Now more than ever people are tightening their purse strings as they feel the stress of seemingly endless inflation. By buying what’s in season, you’ll save some cash since that produce will be in high production with plenty to sell.
  • Local means healthier. Purchasing food from some unknown distributor countless miles away is no match to finding locally-grown foods. The closer to home they are, the fewer miles the food travels and the more nutrition it may pack. Foods that were harvested closer to you won’t lose as much nutrition by being packed away and exposed to elements like the sun.
  • Support local businesses. Everyone wins when the local businesses are visited. We know at Vaughn Pharmacy, your local pharmacy in Knoxville, TN, we appreciate your business!
  • Taste. Produce shipped from far away has nothing on locally grown food when it comes to taste. If you want food that's fresh and bursting with flavor, buy local in-season produce.

Healthy Cookouts

Slathering heavy BBQ sauce on ribs this summer, might not be considered the healthiest of grilled food options. Fatty hamburgers may be out of the question, too. No pharmacy in Knoxville, TN wants to see you coming in for relief from all those heavy foods. Ditching those edible items doesn’t have to come at a tasting cost for you. Take a look at a long list of recipe options. There’s no doubt that you’ll find lots of choices to try this summer. You’ll find a bunch of recipes not only containing fruits and veggies, but chicken, kebabs, seafood, and various other tasty food to satisfy your tongue.

Take advantage of the warm weather by running outside any chance you get! The days already started to turn shorter and soon we’ll be rubbing our eyes wondering how it’s 8 am and still dark outside. Pairing healthy eating, fresh foods, and the summer months will give your body a boost to endure the crazy days. If you do fall victim to overeating or any other summer, Hazzard,. Vaughn Pharmacy, your local pharmacy in Knoxville, TN, will be there to help!

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