It is that time of the year when people think about what they want to change for the New Year. It is common for people to make New Year’s resolutions. Some focus on earning more money, losing weight, saving money, bringing more sales, etc. However, most of these goals are vague, non-specific, and too overwhelming. If you are looking to set New Year goals, it is important to be practical and realistic. Why not make a few goals to help you improve your overall health and wellbeing in 2022?

Did you know? Your local pharmacy in TN can help you to make and keep some healthy New Year Resolutions. Here are a few suggestions to consider.

Take Your Medications on Time

Was 2021 a year filled with too many meetings and business trips? How many times did you forget to take your medicines on time? In 2022, get a pillbox organizer for yourself from a local pharmacy in TN. In fact, why not go one step better and register for the VIP Pill Box at Vaughn Pharmacy. We will sort all of your medications and over-the-counter supplements into the appropriate doses and package them into easy to open packets marked with the date and time you are supposed to take them. You can see at a glance if you have taken today’s dose yet eliminating missed or double doses. If you need to go out of town you can detach only the days you will be gone and slip them into your bag. Ask for more information in store today!

Refill Your Medications on Time

Your local pharmacy in TN offers an automated medication refill service to make sure you order new medication before it runs out. This will ensure complete peace of mind and no tension about forgetting to order more! Also, if you use the VIP Pill Box system mentioned above, you get a reminder ticket as you near the end of your roll letting you know that it is time to refill.

Exercise Regularly

In today’s fast-paced world, everybody is running short of time. Good exercise for small intervals is beneficial for your health and not too physically and emotionally tiring. Exercise can help to improve your mood, aid digestion, reduce the risk of many chronic illnesses and many other benefits.

Get Your Vaccinations

In the New Year, it is crucial not to overlook your vaccinations. A flu shot needs to be taken every year. You can easily get vaccinated at your local pharmacy in TN without any prior appointment.

Improve the Quality of Your Sleep

Most people compromise on the number of sleep hours for doing more work. Sleep deprivation can lead to some serious ill-effects on the health. You need to get at least 8 hours of quality sleep every day. This New Year, promise yourself to reduce the screen time before going to bed, reduce caffeine intake before sleep, and most importantly, get quality sleep.

Save Money on Prescriptions

A local pharmacy in TN can help you save money on prescriptions by suggesting some low-cost alternatives or reviewing your prescriptions to advise you to stop taking a particular pill if it is unnecessary.

Whatever health goals or resolutions you have decided for yourself; your local pharmacy in TN can work with you towards achieving all your health goals.

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