The days seem eternal and kids are energized by the sun. There’s no better time than now to get yourself outside this summer! Movie theatres, malls, and indoor spaces can wait for the dreary days of winter. Your body and mind will reap the endless benefits of spending free time in nature this summer. So, free up your weekend, stock up on essentials by stopping by your family owned pharmacy in TN, and get out into nature!

Physical Health Benefits

Stepping out from the AC and into the outdoors benefits your body in a host of ways. Even if you’re not taking extended time off to submerge yourself outside, you’ll gain physical health benefits just by being beyond four walls for whatever amount of time you can snag during your busy days.

  • Daily doses of vitamin D. Beyond taking vitamin D supplements found at a family owned pharmacy in TN, the sun provides a powerful way of packing you full of vitamin D.
  • Healing power of light. Recovering from a sickness? Laying in bed for days on end; may rest you up for recovery, but breathing in some fresh air and sitting out in the light can help you recover. You can easily flop yourself down outside as easily as on the couch and benefit from the healing properties of daylight and fresh air.
  • Boost your energy. Put down the energy drinks, coffee, and sugar-laden snacks for a moment. Then step outside and feel yourself charge up with natural energy. Forcing yourself into nature will boost your energy and it might last longer than the synthetic snacks you were popping as a pick-me-up.
  • Lower blood pressure. Simply spending some spare time outside can lower your blood pressure. If you decide to take a walk, you’ll gain an added bonus of dropping it further.

Mental Health Benefits

Though most adults can’t reap the benefits of having a couple of months off, taking any spurt of time to be out of the building will benefit you. Your mind’s thirsty for a respite from demanding work days. There’s a variety of mental health benefits to spending time outdoors.

  • Boost the mood. How many cranky people do you encounter when hanging out outside? This one’s a no-brainer. Vitamin D plays a part in this one so not only does the sunlight physically help you, but it also assists in positive mental health.And if you’re struggling, especially in the winter since it’s harder to soak in the rays, you might want to consider stopping by a family owned pharmacy in TN to pick up a vitamin D supplement.
  • Lower stress. Go outside… take in a deep breath, and let it go. Spending some time in nature reduces stress levels and makes daily life more manageable.
  • Combat anxiety and depression. Living cooped up inside negatively impacts mental wellbeing. Spending too much time indoors leads to feeling trapped and helpless. Busting out of the walls and spending time outside lightens the heavy load of possible anxiety and depression.

Outdoor Activity Ideas

Nature is a free playground and your willingness to explore will reward you with a buffet of new sights and sounds. Anyone, regardless of physical ability, can immerse themselves in fresh air. To kickstart some ideas, Vaughn Pharmacy a family owned pharmacy in TN, wants to jumpstart you with some ideas. -

  • Water activities. The heat doesn’t have to scare you away. Water activities cool you off in the hot sun while you breathe in fresh air. Depending on your speed, you can lazily float around or find something more adventurous to pump your adrenaline.
  • Hiking. If you’re up for an adventure and want to burn some calories, hit a local trail for a hike. Visitors flock to the Knoxville area to score some scenic hikes. You can immerse yourself in endless miles of trails in the area. Don’t forget to pack up a small first aid kit by shopping at a family owned pharmacy in TN before you adventure out.
  • Smoky Mountains Rope Course. In the mood to try something new and elevate your experience? Hit up a ropes course in the air and challenge your balance and nerves
  • Got kids? Want to keep it simple? Check out scores of ideas to keep the kiddos outside and engaged. Relay races, balloon tosses, homemade mini-golf, and glowing games are just the tip of the iceberg on what you can do without traveling anywhere besides maybe grabbing some supplies at your family owned pharmacy in TN.

There’s no denying the endless impacts spending time outside has on your health. It may take a concentrated effort for you to proactively stand up and step outside. But, once you initiate that first step, you’re opening doors to endless benefits. Your mind and body will thank you for taking the time to step away and step outside.

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