Christmas is a time for joy and celebration, but unfortunately, it is also a little bit chaotic, and there are often a few mishaps along the way. Let’s take a look at some of the common ones and how you can avoid them with a little help from your local pharmacy.

Decoration Disasters

Decorating for the holidays may seem like safe family fun, but around 1000 are injured every year while putting up Christmas decorations and lights. Common injuries include falling from ladders, electric shocks, burns, and children swallowing bulbs or other small items. You can avoid your own Christmas Decor Disaster by checking that all of your lights are fully compliant with the latest safety guidelines. You should also make sure that high up decorations are installed using a proper ladder and that you have another adult on hand to steady the ladder as you climb. Finally, if any of your lights have loose bulbs or your Christmas tree baubles are broken, you must dispose of them immediately before small children get their hands on small parts that may pose a choking hazard. The fragile decor is best kept well out of reach of children and pets, and you will want to make sure that your smoke alarms are functional due to the increased risk of fire linked to Christmas tree lights.

Heating Things Up In The Kitchen

Many of our Christmas celebrations revolve around food, which means that the kitchen is bustling with activity. This presents a few different hazards. It can get hotter than usual with constant cooking, and you may end up feeling faint or dehydrated. Make sure you drink plenty of water and open windows if possible to keep cool air circulating. You should also take extra care with saucepan handles and hot trays. Sometimes when rushing around to prepare a large meal, you are not as careful as you usually would be, resulting in burns.

Similarly, preparing food in a hurry may lead to awkward encounters with knives! Why not put together a small kitchen first aid kit for holiday mishaps? You can pick up the essentials at your local pharmacy. Things to include would be bandaids and wound dressings, alcohol-free wipes, sterile bandages, and burn ointment. You might also want to pop in a few rehydration powders and ice packs, too, just in case. These are also available from your local pharmacy.

Beware of Poison

Be wary of potential poisons around the house. If you are hanging real mistletoe in hopes of a Christmas kiss, then make sure it is high up and out of the reach of children. While the plant is a pretty icon, we relate to the festive period, but the berries are poisonous. The toxins they contain can make the heart rate slow and trigger hallucinations if consumed. If someone does happen to eat some berries, encourage them to spit out any remains and monitor them closely. If you notice signs of vomiting, hallucinations, or sleepiness, then medical attention should be sought.

Another potential risk is food poisoning. It can be tricky to store large amounts of food safely. Ensure you have cooked your meat thoroughly and that leftovers are cooled before storing them in the fridge. It might be worthwhile adding some diarrhea medication into your festive first aid kit. If anyone shows signs of food poisoning, you can usually treat them at home by keeping them well hydrated and running its course. Seek medical advice if they become severely unwell.

Additional First Aid Items

As well as the items mentioned above, you should also make sure that the family first aid box is well stocked with everyday items such as Anti-inflammatories, painkillers, and antiseptic cream. Also, keep in mind that your local pharmacy and doctor’s office will likely be closed for a few days, so make sure everyone also has enough of their prescription medication to cover the festive season. At Vaughn Pharmacy, we offer VIP Pillboxes with all of your medicine sorted into daily doses to make things easier on you.


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