Christmas is a time when we get to enjoy spending time with our loved ones, and it usually involves a table that is groaning with rich festive foods! It's the holiday season, so why shouldn't we treat ourselves to some of those dishes we usually consider 'naughty' the rest of the year! That's perfectly fine, but a word of caution is needed! One of the most common complaints we hear as a local pharmacy during the festive period is that our customers suffer the ill effects of too much indulging and need remedies for heartburn and other symptoms!

What is Heartburn?

Have you ever had an intense burning sensation or pain in your upper chest area, moving up your neck and throat? If so, then it is likely you have experienced heartburn! If you have never had it before, it can be frightening as it could feel like you are having a heart attack! However, the truth is that it is just excess acid coming from your stomach and irritating your throat and esophagus. For most people, it is easily treatable with over-the-counter medicines from your local pharmacy.

Since much of our traditional Christmas dishes are packed with fat and sugar, it is easy to feel bloated and fatigued when you eat a little too much. You may also experience heartburn, stomach ache, and general nausea! As your friendly local pharmacy, here are our top tips for avoiding the discomfort that often comes with overindulging at the holidays!

1 - Have a Snack Before Attending a Party

A great tip to make sure that you don't overdo it while attending Christmas events and parties is to eat a snack before going out! When you are hungry, you crave sugar and carbs. If you have a healthy but filling snack or meal before reaching the celebration, you are more likely to practice moderation when the buffet table opens! You won't feel as hungry, and you will take only a few of your favorites. If you want to be on the safe side, stop by your local pharmacy and slip a packet of antacid tablets into your purse or pocket!

2 - Don't Rush Your Food

When you sit around the Christmas dinner table, it is a fantastic time to chat with the family, especially if you don't get to see them all that often through the year. Use this as an opportunity to take your time eating your food. If you chew things properly and take breaks between dishes while you eat, your stomach will feel much more comfortable. It also means that you give your brain the chance to receive the signal that you are full up! It can take around 20 minutes for your brain to process these signals meaning you may eat more than your body comfortably needs. If your family is not particularly chatty, you coils invest in some dinner table games or quizzes!

3 - Stay Active

Many people like to nap after a heavy meal during the holidays, but this is the worst thing you can do if you want to avoid heartburn! When we are standing upright, gravity plays a role in keeping your stomach acid down where it belongs, but if you are lying down, it is easier for the acid to make its way towards the esophagus! Instead of the traditional nap, try taking a brisk walk with the family instead or try playing an active game in the yard. This will help keep the digestive system moving.

How to Get Rid of Heartburn

Despite your best intentions, you may still end up with a touch of heartburn or other digestive discomforts. Talk to your local pharmacy about the over-the-counter products you can purchase ahead of the holidays to combat indigestion and stomach acid. If you are prone to heartburn, then it is also a good idea to take the medication before you sit down to eat.


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