Vaccines have hit the headlines hard since the 2020 pandemic. Though the COVID-19 vaccine rolled out within the past couple of years, a bunch have been around much longer… have been providing protection for decades. Vaughn Pharmacy, your local pharmacy in Knoxville, TN, wants you to be aware that August is National Immunization Month, and there’s no better time to think about what’s available and what may benefit you.

Next time you walk through the store or a crowded area, scan your surroundings and observe all the people you pass. The vast majority have undergone vaccinations to protect them from nasty sicknesses and diseases that could render them critically ill or worse.

Immunizations in Children

Either you have children or were at least one yourself in the past. As a part of childhood, shots are commonplace. Kids are guarded against a plethora of potential illnesses by being protected by immunizations. These inoculations start with pregnancy and continue until the teenage years. Let’s look at the first two years of life to get an idea of what exactly babies are protected against. Here’s a quick overview of some standard childhood vaccines

  • Birth (shortly after) – Hepatitis B.
  • 1-2 months – Second dose of Hepatitis B, the first dose of DTaP (this is a 3 for 1), Polio, 1st dose of PCV13, Rotavirus, 1st dose of Hib. The second and third doses are administered at four and six months. Also, the influenza shot is introduced.
  • 7-11months – All the initial vaccines have wound down at this point, but influenza can be administered if needed.
  • 12-23 months – Chickenpox, Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR). At this age, 3rd and 4th doses of certain immunizations are also administered.

The list is long and full of medical terms, but it should at least give you an idea of how many things modern medicine invented to protect us from critical illnesses and conditions. If you want to dig into the weeds of the series of shots a child receives, check with your pharmacy in Knoxville, TN, and ask a pharmacist to explain exactly what these inoculations do for a child.

What’s Available and Who Should Get It

After reading the above, did you experience flashbacks of getting shots as a kid while biting your nails in the doctor’s office? The times you had an appointment where the doctor let you go without a poke to the arm came as a relief.

After you turned into a teen and rounded the corner to adulthood, it’s possible that immunizing yourself for various illnesses took a back seat. If that sounds like you, it’s time to consider what you may want to protect yourself against and run out to your doctor’s office or a pharmacy in Knoxville, TN, to roll up your sleeve for a quick shot. Visiting a pharmacy can make life easier than making doctor’s appointments that consume hours of your day; you may not need to invest just for a shot.

If you want to know what vaccines you should consider, here’s an easy list to navigate and determine what’s best for you. Some examples from the list include –

  • COVID-19 - It’s the newest immunization on this list, and it’s a must-have to help prevent serious illness. You can find this one easily these days. Check with your pharmacy in Knoxville, TN, to see if they have it in stock.
  • Influenza - Before COVID-19 dominated the news, seeking out the flu shot hit the headlines every fall (and continues to do so), reminding everyone to obtain their annual flu shot. If you visit a pharmacy in Knoxville, TN, they’ll likely offer this one.
  • HPV - It protects people from the human papillomavirus. HPV can cause cervical, anal, as well as other cancers. Obtaining this one can help you in the future by keeping cancer away. It can be administered as early as nine years old up to the age of 26.
  • Tetanus - If you haven’t had one in the past ten years, you might want to consider it. Hearing about stepping on rusty nails is not an old wives’ tale. That situation, among others, like soil getting deep in a cut you may have, puts you at risk of exposure to tetanus-causing spores.
  • Shingles - After age 50, add this one to the list! Aging past 50 puts you at a greater risk for more serious diseases. Shingles tends to have a more significant effect on adults over 50.

If you want a complete idea of all the available immunizations, look at this list, and you may be shocked about what’s available. This doesn’t mean you should go and ask for every vaccine on the list, but it does mean you can review this with your doctor and check with your local pharmacy in Knoxville, TN, to see what they offer.

Thinking about all the immunizations, you can put in your arm can be daunting. But if you take a step back and consult with your doctor or pharmacist, you can devise a game plan that best suits your needs to protect you from serious illness or disease.

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