As if we haven’t had enough to contend with already this year, flu season is coming up fast, and we need to make sure that we are ready! As COVID-19 continues to pose a threat to public health, it is important to take whatever steps you can to lessen the chance of throwing another virus into the equation. Getting a flu shot is more important than it has ever been in years gone by! Don’t forget you will be able to get your shot at Vaughn Pharmacy without the need to book a doctor’s appointment.

Most of us have already upped our game when it comes to protecting against unwanted viruses and bacteria. We are paying more attention to handwashing procedures, wearing masks, using hand sanitizer, and of course, practicing social distancing. At Vaughn Pharmacy, we believe that getting your annual flu vaccine is one more protection level that will help keep you and your family safe this flu season. We often hear people say that the vaccine isn’t infallible, and that is true because there are various different flu strains, and it cannot protect against them all. However, even if you do happen to get the flu, you can reduce your risk of hospital admission by as much as 75% if you are vaccinated.

Did you know? During the 2018-2019 flu season, it is estimated that the flu vaccine was successful in preventing 50,000 hospitalizations and over 3000 deaths.

What About Side Effects?

We often hear people who are reluctant to get a flu shot because they have heard horror stories about side effects. It is true that, as with most medical treatments, there can be some side effects. However, these are mild and usually go away in a couple of days. Most people experience localized soreness at the injection site, mild fever, muscle aches, and headaches. This is a normal reaction and is an indication that your immune response is ramping up. Vaughn Pharmacy always has a pharmacist available at the counter to answer your questions if you have concerns.

PRO TIP If you are concerned about potential side effects, schedule your flu shot for a Friday afternoon so that you have the weekend to rest and get over any symptoms that develop.

When to Get Your Flu Vaccination

Most providers have flu shots available from August onwards. The optimal time to get your flu shot, according to the CDC, is early Fall (September or October). However, you can still get the benefit even if you get it later in the flu season. It is worth remembering that the vaccine does take around two weeks to develop the protective antibodies in your system. Again, your flu shot can be administered by Vaughn Pharmacy, and we will be happy to talk through any concerns that you might have.


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