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Tips For a Healthier Holiday Season

Christmas is fast approaching and we all know that we will probably overindulge! However, there are a few tips we can all follow to help us have a healthier holiday season!

  • Don't Stay Seated! - Since we will be eating a little more than usual, let's be sure to take a break from the Christmas Specials on TV and get active! That could be a walk with the family, or playing frisbee or football with the kids! Exercise is going to help you digest that feast!
  • Don't Stuff Yourself! - The average Christmas dinner is 3,000 calories - more than your recommended daily allowance! Why not try taking just a little of each dish, then take a 30 minute break to digest the food and decide if you are still hungry! You'll feel less lethargic and reduce the risk of heartburn and indigestion
  • Don't Get Stressed - We are all guilty of overdoing it over the holidays. Overspending, cooking, gift wrapping, endless cleaning and preparing for guests! It's a lot to handle. Let's take some time to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. Does it matter if the carrots are perfectly glazed or if Aunt Elizabeth can see her face in your bathroom floor? No. What matters is spending quality time together! Limit stress and you will feel so much better.
  • Don't Let Colds Ruin Your Holidays - With increased travel, more parties, and seeing people you don't usually spend a lot of time with, colds and flu are rife over the holidays. Get plenty of sleep, eat healthy, and take over the counter supplements to boost your immune system.
  • Don't Make Kitchen Mistakes - If you are on kitchen duty, make sure you follow safety procedures. December is the most common month for food poisoning! Don't leave food out too long and make sure you use a meat thermometer to ensure meat is fully cooked.
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