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The Fours Steps of First Aid

First Aid is the name given to immediate medical assistance given to an ill or injured person. There are 4 basic steps to emergency first aid:

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Step 1 - Assess the Situation: Check for potential danger to yourself, bystanders and the patient. Also assess injuries and look for signs of shock or trauma.

Step 2 - Plan for Interventions: Call for professional help if necessary. Plan what type of first aid can be administered until help arrives.

Step 3 - Implement First Aid: Give first aid based on your initial assessment of the situation. Keep talking to the patient and reassure them. Apply pressure to bleeding wounds, but do not attempt to splint injuries until help arrives.

Step 4 - Evaluate the Situation: Reassess the situation. Is everyone still safe? Is there an update on the arrival of assistance? Has any bleeding stopped?

Above all else, it is important to stay calm and not to take risks.

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