Do you have a big summer vacation planned? Or maybe even a little getaway? To prepare, you must think about summer survival. After cramming the car or your bags with clothing for every occasion, toys for the kids, and a menagerie of shoes, you can’t forget the essentials. Vaughn Pharmacy in Powell, TN wants you to be prepared for a successful trip. Be prepared to enter the battle of summer survival. Create a checklist and don’t forget the must-haves of summer travel.

First Aid

Whether you’re braving an excursion to a remote sandy beach or hitting the woods for a quick camping trip, one of the most important (and sometimes overlooked) items to pack would be a first-aid kit. Vaughn Pharmacy in Powell, TN is the perfect first stop to begin building your kit. By preparing with these essentials, you’ll save yourself a headache down the road if any minor health crisis were to occur.

  • Benadryl. This one tops the list on prevention and mitigation. It’s got you covered whether someone sustains a bee sting, they’re brutalized by insects, suffers from hives, or experiences allergic reactions. Stop by Vaughn Pharmacy in Powell, TN to pick some up before you head out.
  • Sunscreen. Unless you’re vacationing deep in the recesses of a large building, you’ll want to keep yourself protected from the sun.
  • Bug spray. If you have any evenings planned by a campfire, don’t expect the smoke to ward off those annoying insects. They’ll still find a way to attack you. Even roaming around through the day you’re likely to encounter those pesky biting bugs.
  • Band-Aids, Gauze, and Tape. Pre-made first-aid kits often contain these simple items. If you don’t start with a pre-filled kit, be sure to stock up on these items so you can manage any little scrape, cut, or burn you sustain during your trip.
  • Bottle of Gatorade. When someone in your party completely forgot to hydrate, or even eat, all day, Gatorade can act as a life-saver. Pump some electrolytes into the victim to buy some time before the meltdown in the restaurant’s waiting area.
  • Small scissors. Used for a multitude of purposes, scissors cover many needs from cutting bandage tape to opening stubborn packages. They can even be used to clean or trim your nails in a pinch.


Medications deserve their own category when it comes to packing for vacation. All of the first-aid items could be purchased at a local store if you happen to forget anything. But, your medication? That’s one thing you can’t easily go and grab at the nearest store.

To step it up a notch, Vaughn Pharmacy in Powell, TN offers VIP Pill Boxes that you can use to prepare for your journey. This way, you’re not battling with umpteen bottles for various family members while trying to remember who took what and when. By incorporating a VIP Pill Box into your vacation, you’ll easily rip off a packet for the day you need to take your meds and there won’t be any question on if you happened to remember your dose that day. Check with Vaughn Pharmacy in Powell, TN to see how the pill boxes work.

Some Fun stuff

Vacations aren’t all serious business… now that we covered the important stuff, what about some other ideas for packing? Take a peek at Vaughn Pharmacy in Powell, TN to see what other goodies you can nab. If nothing else, you’ll be able to score some general toiletries and other items you might want on your journey. If you’re looking for some fun ideas to boredom-bust while hitting the road, consider packing –

  • Deck of cards (even hand solitaire takes up a little time)
  • Journal (surely there’s something to document with a new destination in the books)
  • Gum (can we say bubble-blowing contest?)
  • Origami (paper cranes can be born right in your car!)
  • Electronics (of course… it’s modern day and screen-time rules above all)
  • Scratch paper and pen (did someone say hangman and the dot game?)
  • Puzzle books (variety books occupy the puzzle-goer for hours with word searches, crosswords, etc.)
  • Book or audiobook (if it’s good enough, you’ll lose track of time in another world while awaiting your next stop)
  • Make a movie (albeit a very-low production quality movie… right from your seat. Grab your phone and hit record!)

Vaughn Pharmacy in Powell, TN wants you to get out there and make the most of your vacation time. With a little forethought and planning, your time off is more likely to pass without a hitch. Sure, a flat tire or rainstorm sometimes loom unexpectedly. But, when those little disasters occur, they simply enrich your vacation stories. Preparing ahead of time and packing the essentials to mitigate a minor health or boredom crisis, you’ll be setup for a successful journey.

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