It’s summer. Cookouts are rampant and kids ravage all the tasty offerings of the season. Adults crack open cold drinks and families take time off to enjoy the sunshine. With carefree days you might not be thinking about some of the risks lingering with the hotter weather. Family-Owned Pharmacy in TN, Vaughn Pharmacy centers our concern around your health.

Health Risks

In the winter you may think about hypothermia and frostbite. But, with summer comes another realm of health risks. Let’s take a look at some of the risks that should be considered.

  • Skin Cancer. 5 million people each year grapple with a skin cancer diagnosis. It’s the most common type of cancer and luckily, if caught early, it’s easily treated. If you’ve frizzled under the sun before and sustained a burn, you’re more likely to become afflicted. It’s also more common in those who have fair skin, are over 50 years old, or have a family history. You can’t control some of those factors but one thing you can do is find a family-owned pharmacy in TN to buy some sunscreen and keep yourself from crisping up your skin outside.
  • Heat Stroke. Spending too much time in the extreme heat can create a real medical emergency. If you endure sweltering temps and the body’s core temperature rises, you’re at risk for an emergency. If you stop sweating, feel a fast pulse, or experience confusion, those are not symptoms to shrug off. Seek immediate help.
  • Damage to Vision. Be fashion-forward, find a family-owned pharmacy in TN, and check if they sell sunglasses. Critical note – they must block UV light! If not, you’re opening your eyes up (literally) for further damage. The sun’s UV rays (worsened even more around reflective water) damage eyesight.
  • Dehydration. Getting caught up in activities and skipping the water doesn’t take much effort. If you have kids, nag them and force some fluids into them. It’s a proactive measure that keeps the crew hydrated and happy.

Summer health risks require consideration on many fronts. Being on the ball will help mitigate the risks you take. Vaughn Pharmacy, a family-owned pharmacy in TN, sells supplies to keep your summer fun on track.


If you thought worrying about typical summer snafus was enough, think again. Certain sicknesses, unwanted culprits, threaten to affect your vacation time.

  • Lyme Disease. Even if you’re not tromping through the woods nestled in the north east, don’t think you’re immune. Diagnoses of Lyme disease affect all 50 states. Watch out for tiny ticks and don’t be afraid to use bug spray to deter them. If you experience any beginning signs of Lyme disease, run to your nearest doctor to address ASAP!
  • E-Coli. It’s so temping on a hike to dip your head in the water or adventure under a natural waterfall. But, don’t open your mouth and drink it! E-Coli lurks in natural water (thanks to waste from local animals, etc.) and if you ingest infected water, prepare for digestive issues and a host of problems.
  • Food Poisoning. It’s hot and your potato salad stewed in the sun for the last two hours. Think twice before dropping gobs of this traditional treat onto your plate. Conditions are ripe for fostering bacteria growth and afflicting you with food poisoning. Consider the food you’re eating and the storage conditions of those tasty morsel before consuming. If you need to, find a family-owned pharmacy in TN for relief for your stomach ailments.
  • Norovirus. It plagues cruise ships and headlines start scattering at the height of vacation season. Touching a contaminated surface can land you in a world of nausea and stomach pain. Remaining diligent with hygiene and eating habits might ward off this nasty offender.
  • COVID-19. Ok, this one isn’t summer-specific but it should be considered. Unlike the seasonal flue, COVID doesn’t take a break in the summer months. You’ve surely heard it all before but remember the symptoms and take the appropriate actions if you find yourself testing positive. To be proactive, come in and check with us at Vaughn Pharmacy about vaccine options. We’re an excellent resource if you have any questions or concerns regarding the illness. Or, find any family-owned pharmacy in TN.

There’s a minefield of summertime risks waiting for you to navigate this year. When it comes to your health and well-being, locating a family-owned pharmacy in TN can be your first defense. Places like Vaughn Pharmacy stock their shelves with more than just medicine and vitamins. You can find many options within a pharmacy that assists in first-aid and general summertime relief. If you keep on your toes and remain diligent, the longest days of the year will reward you with lasting memories.

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