You just returned home from a doctor’s visit with a prescription in hand. You run down to your family-owned pharmacy in TN to fill it ASAP and prepare to pick it up as soon as the pharmacy completes the request. You have the greatest intentions of acting as a model patient, but sometimes intentions aren’t enough. It doesn’t take much for anyone to forget or neglect to take their medications on time or even at all.

There are several solutions to try and fix this problem. The most important part is to understand that not forgetting them starts with you, regardless of how you remember to take your prescriptions. Your family-owned pharmacy in TN can trigger the process, but you have to take the ball and run with it.

Let’s take a look at why it’s important to remember to take medications and look for ways to help you keep it on your radar to take on time, every time.

Why it’s Important

One way to keep medication compliance is to understand exactly why it’s so critical you take your prescription and take it on time, every time. Ultimately, you must remember to take your medication promptly to ensure that you have an effective amount of medicine circulating through your body at all times.

If you don’t take medicine on time or simply neglect to remember it, the effective components will become too low to do what they’re created to do. For example, if you’re battling a virus, there won’t be enough working medication in your body to effectively fight the virus.

Check with the pharmacist at your family-owned pharmacy in TN to make sure you understand the expectations of your dosage and timing. Taking your prescription for the best benefit means –

  • Administering the prescription to yourself at the right time of day, as prescribed. Remember, if you need to take something twice a day, it should be separated by 12 hours between doses.
  • Take the full dose as prescribed. If time slips your mind and you’re an hour late, it’s OK to take the full amount of the medicine a little late. But if you’re nearing the next dosage time, you’ll just have to skip the missed one. Consult with your family-owned pharmacy in TN with any timing questions.

How Do You Remember?

If you’re struggling to keep up with when you’re supposed to take your next dose of medicine, get creative and find ways to spark your memory.

  • Use mealtime as a trigger to take your meds. This one works well, mainly because the pharmacist often instructs you to take your medicine with food.
  • Set up bedtime as your allotted time. As soon as you brush your teeth and prepare to settle down for the night, you can add a quick glass of water and your pills to your bedtime routine.
  • Set the alarm on your phone. Take advantage of a smartphone and let your digital personal assistant alert you to your next dose.
  • Incorporate the use of pillboxes. When managing multiple medications throughout the day, preparing them in a pillbox, you purchased from a family-owned pharmacy in TN might be beneficial. If you want to step it up a notch and incorporate a better, streamlined pillbox experience, read on…

VIP Pill Boxes… A Lifesaver

Vaughn Pharmacy, your family-owned pharmacy in TN, created an ultimate solution to help you with medication compliance. Our VIP Pill Boxes are intended to make life as easy as possible regarding remembering to take your prescribed prescriptions correctly. Signing up for this service (where your medicines are in simple to understand individualized packets) offers many benefits:

  • Removes the struggle of opening pill bottles. Your medicines will be in a roll of individual packets you can pull down and rip open.
  • The easy-to-open packet can be torn open on a perforation on the bottom or by a pair of scissors.
  • It eliminates the need for a 7-day pill organizer… one that you must manually load four times a month. And it’s not uncommon to face dosage more than once a day, making matters more complicated.
  • Makes sure the proper medication is set up for you on your next dose (with a label outlining the date and time you’re supposed to take the next packet).

Combining the understanding of why you need to take prescriptions on time with assuring you’re taking them when you’re supposed to will set you up for a healthy routine. If you want to talk to a pharmacist at our family-owned pharmacy in TN, stop by Vaughn Pharmacy and check with a staff member on how this may benefit your medication setup.

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