If you or someone you provide care for are taking multiple prescription medications, you know how easy it is to get confused! If you add over-the-counter items, vitamins, and other supplements into the mix, it can get downright overwhelming! That’s why Vaughn Pharmacy is so pleased to introduce a solution that takes the stress out of managing your medications! Never again will you wonder if you have missed a dose or accidentally taken one twice! Never again will you have to spend hours filling up a weekly pill box from a confusing collection of packets and bottles. The VIP Pill Box is going to allow us to take care of it all for you. With simple, easy to open packages for each dose, taking your medication on time has never been easier! You literally only have to add water!

Let’s take a closer look at the VIP Pill Box from Vaughn Pharmacy.

How Does the VIP Pill Box Work?

When you sign up for the VIP Pill Box at Vaughn Pharmacy, we will take all of your prescription medications and enter them into the system. If you are already one of our customers, we likely already have all of the relevant information on hand! We can then add any additional supplements or vitamins that you like to take for your overall health and well-being.

The computer attached to the machine indicates which days and times we need to include any medication or supplement not loaded into the machine. We will drop the required dose into the boxes indicated. There is an intelligent LED light system that confirms everything is correct. The tray is then loaded into the machine, and the medications stored there are automatically added. It then dispenses a roll of square perforated packets containing each dose. For example, one package for Monday morning, one for Monday lunch, and another for Monday evening – or whatever your usual medication schedule is!

Each of the packages is printed with the date and time that it is to be taken. It also has a list of which medications are in the packet and a description of the pill so you can see you have the correct dose. If you need to take more than 5 different medications simultaneously, they will be in multiple packets. Each packet is easy to tear open – or use scissors to make it even easier! There is also a couple of reminder messages as you near the end of the roll that it is time to contact Vaughn Pharmacy to reorder your next VIP Box!

EXTRA TIP! Suppose you take a liquid medication, inhaler, or injection. In that case, these cannot be added to the packet, but a printed reminder will appear at the appropriate time on the roll to tell you to take those medications!

Benefits of the VIP Pill Box

  • You can see at a glance if you have taken your latest dose – no more missed or double doses
  • If you need to travel, you can simply tear off the packets for the days you will be gone and slip them into your bag – no need to carry all of your medication
  • Packets are easy to tear or cut open – no more struggling with bottles and blister packs
  • Save time by eliminating the need to sort and fill your own pillbox at home
  • Save space by removing multiple boxes and bottles – everything is in one convenient dispenser


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