Sometimes when someone starts talking about self-care, we fall into the trap of thinking about over-indulgence and luxury. That’s probably why many of us end up feeling guilty about making time for ourselves! However, practicing self-care is actually just as important to your overall health and wellbeing as visiting the pharmacy in Powell, TN, to collect your prescription medication. Recent scientific studies have proven that self-care can significantly impact your physical and mental wellbeing and your career! Employees who practice self-care are less stressed, take fewer sick days, and are more productive!

What is Self-Care?

Let’s start by talking about what self-care actually means. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines self-care as “the ability of individuals, families, and communities to promote health, prevent disease, maintain health, and to cope with illness and disability with or without the support of a healthcare provider.” But what does that actually mean in practice? Self-care means making a conscious effort to do things that will help you achieve your best possible physical and mental health. It’s all about prioritizing your own health. Self-care is working with your local pharmacy in Powell, TN, to improve compliance with your treatment plan. Self-care might also include things like hygiene, nutrition, living conditions, and lifestyle choices.


Under the umbrella of hygiene-related self-care, we can include basic things like keeping yourself and your environment clean to stay healthy. However, it can also include extra things that boost your health. Take an additional 20 minutes in the shower to apply a deep conditioning treatment to your hair. Light a few scented candles around the room once you finish cleaning it to create a relaxing sanctuary. Book a manicure! These are all hygiene-related acts of self-care. Of course, it doesn’t even need to be something you may label extravagant. When you are having a rough time mentally, the simple act of washing your hair or taking a shower is also an act of self-care.

Self-Care Challenge: Next time you visit your local pharmacy in Powell, TN, pick up your favorite bath or shower product and take time out for yourself!


This is where self-care sometimes gets a little lost in translation. It is often used as an excuse to binge eat your favorite foods even if they are unhealthy! There is nothing wrong with treating yourself to a little of what you enjoy but do so in moderation. True acts of nutrition-based self-care would be ensuring that you are eating enough even when busy. Force yourself to stop and eat lunch - you will be more productive after the break! It is also drinking enough to hydrate your body and fueling it with a healthy, well-balanced diet. It might sound cliche, but your body and mind are healthy, and you will feel better when your diet is healthy. Why not talk to your local pharmacy in Powell, TN, about nutritional supplements and vitamins you could use to help with a balanced diet.

Lifestyle Choices

Building self-care into our everyday routine makes it much easier to stick to in the long term. That means making time to participate in healthy activities that you enjoy. Is there a type of exercise you enjoy? Start participating regularly. It could be a gentle walk in the park, a dance class, or working out at the gym. As long as it gets you moving and puts a smile on your face, it counts as self-care! Lifestyle choices can also include:

  • Removing stress from your life.
  • Getting enough sleep.
  • Generally doing more of the hobbies and leisure activities you enjoy.

If you need tips on making healthy lifestyle changes, stop by your local pharmacy in Powell, TN, and talk to the pharmacy team for advice.

The Benefits of Self-Care

When you get into the habit of practicing self-care regularly will bring both short-term and long-term benefits that will help improve your overall wellbeing.

Some of the short-term benefits include:

  • Reduced stress levels
  • Improved feeling of self-worth
  • Feeling more secure in relationships

Long-term benefits of regular self-care include:

  • Better control of mental health
  • Improved management of chronic illness
  • Prevention of various health conditions
  • Improved job satisfaction
  • Reduction in chronic stress
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Healthier relationships
  • A reduction in burnout
  • Overall improvement in wellbeing and quality of life

Exploring the Barriers to Accessing Self-Care

So, with all of these great benefits, why are more people not prioritizing self-care? Unfortunately, many barriers could be stopping people from practicing self-care regularly. One of the most significant barriers is something we already mentioned - guilt! If you suffer from some self-worth issues, you may feel guilty for putting yourself first. This is a mindset that really needs to change. Start by dedicating just 5 minutes a day to do some breathing exercise and build up from there.

Some of the other barriers that might stop someone from practicing self-care include:

  • Time Constraints
  • Lack of Understanding
  • Workplace Culture
  • Poor Planning
  • Difficulty Making a Change

Your local pharmacy in Powell, TN, may not be the first place you think about exploring self-care options, but it is a great resource when you want to improve your health and wellbeing. They have so much more to offer than just filling your prescriptions. Your local pharmacy in Powell, TN, can offer advice on nutrition supplements, management of health conditions, stress reduction tips and so much more. Making the effort to visit and get this information could be your first act of self-care. Be kind to yourself. You deserve it!


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