It’s officially the Holiday Season! In the next six or so weeks, there will be a lot of festive cheer, family gatherings, and lots and lots of food! There is temptation everywhere, and it is all too easy to throw caution to the wind and overindulge. This can be a huge mistake if you suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, or high cholesterol. However, even if you are generally in good health, it can still cause some problems. Who hasn’t felt so full they experienced pain or been crippled with searing heartburn that has sent you off in search of your local pharmacy for relief? With that in mind, here are our tips to stay on track with healthy eating over the holidays!

1 - Start With Breakfast

Over the holiday period, it is common for our schedules to get out of control. Meal times go out the window thanks to travel or party invites. This can often leave you reaching for a candy bar or some chips to tide you over until your next meal. One of the few meals that you should be able to keep some control over is breakfast. Eating a healthy and filling breakfast will give you a great start to your day and should prevent mid-morning snacking. Include some fresh fruits, juice, and whole grains. This healthy breakfast burrito recipe is excellent for when you are on the go!

2 - Pause Before Second Helpings

Did you know that it takes a few minutes for your stomach to send your brain a message to say, ‘hey! Am I getting full!’? When you have finished your plate, and grandma inevitably offers you a second helping, don’t say yes immediately. Take a 5 to 10 minutes break to chat with family or drink a glass of water. If you still feel hungry after the ten minutes, you can go in for a second helping, but try to stick to the healthier options on the table. You can avoid a trip to the local pharmacy for indigestion relief when you stop before you are uncomfortably full.

3 - Choose Wisely at the Buffet Table

If you are at a party with a buffet, make a conscious decision to make smarter choices. Start by adding plenty of vegetables and salads, but be aware of rich, creamy dressings. Take only small portions of the more decadent foods and look out for leaner protein sources like fish and chicken. It is also a good idea to ensure you stand as far from the buffet as possible, making it less likely that you will absent-mindedly pick at food. If it is on the other side of the room, you have to make a choice to walk over there and refill your plate.

Pro Tip! Choose a slice of pumpkin pie over pecan pie. Even if you add a dollop of whipped cream, you will save about a third on the number of calories and sugar!

4 - Practice Moderation

If you know you are attending a party or a family dinner in the evening, choose a lighter lunch to compensate for your indulgence. You don’t have to say no to those delicious holiday treats; it is all about eating them in moderation. Portion control is a significant factor in ensuring you don’t overindulge, leaving you nauseous or uncomfortable. It is always better to take a small portion and go back for more if you need to than to overload your plate and feel obliged to eat it all.

5 - Add Some Exercise

If you are going to increase the amount of rich and sugary foods you consume over the holidays, then you should also increase the amount you move to counteract it! Why not take a walk after dinner to burn some extra calories? It will also help you to destress and will aid digestion! You can walk alone if you need a break from a crowded house, or invite the family and enjoy the activity together! You could even take your walk between the main course and dessert to help make some room!

Be Prepared If Traveling Over the Holidays

Aside from watching what you eat over the holiday period, you will also want to ensure you have all the medication you need from your local pharmacy. This is especially important if you are going to be traveling over the holidays. Make sure to pack enough of your prescription medication to cover your trip, plus a little extra in case of emergencies. Our VIP Pill Box is excellent for taking your prescriptions with you when visiting family! You should also visit your local pharmacy and put together an emergency kit of over-the-counter items like allergy meds, antacids, travel sickness medication, antihistamines, and anything else you might need.

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