It’s never too late to start taking a bigger interest in your general health and wellbeing! Since September is Healthy Aging Month, we wanted to take a look at some easy steps you can take to boost your health. Your local pharmacy in Powell, TN, can offer you help and advice about the right vitamins and supplements to support your wellbeing as you get older. Let’s take a look at some of those vitamin options now!

The majority of people can get all of the vitamins and nutrients they need from eating a healthy diet that includes a variety of different foods. However, certain nutrients can be particularly useful to those over the age of 50. These are widely available in your local pharmacy in Powell, TN.

1 – Daily Multivitamin for Seniors

Multivitamins can be a good option for filling in any nutrient gaps that there may be. These tend to be minor gaps with little to no symptoms, so most people are not even aware of the deficiency. A good all-round multivitamin – especially one designed specifically for seniors, can help to plug those gaps with one easy to take daily pill. Ask your local pharmacy in Powell, TN, to recommend a good multivitamin for older people.

2 – Vitamin B12

B12 plays a vital role in many processes in the body, including the metabolism and the formation of our red blood cells. It also aids neurological function and DNA synthesis. A deficiency in B12 can cause a wide range of symptoms, including extreme fatigue, anemia, weakness, and peripheral neuropathy. Some of these symptoms can be dismissed as part of getting older, so it is important to have your vitamin B12 levels checked regularly. As we get older, our bodies find it more difficult to absorb B12 naturally from food, so taking a dietary supplement is advised. Again, you can discuss options with your local pharmacy in Powell, TN.

3 – Calcium

Calcium is another supplement that may be beneficial to older people as it can help to promote healthier bones. There are two common forms of the supplement:

  • Calcium Carbonate – best absorbed when taken alongside food
  • Calcium Citrate – suited to those with digestive issues

It is worth noting that too much calcium can increase the risk of kidney stones and stroke, so it is advised that you only take a calcium supplement on the advice of your doctor.

4 – Vitamin D

Studies suggest that as many as one in four Americans over the age of 50 have a Vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is essential in helping the body to absorb calcium and can help with bone health, reducing inflammation, and mitigating the risk of heart attack or stroke. When a Vitamin D deficiency is present, it can result in various conditions, including asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, depression, osteoporosis, diabetes, and hypertension. Speak with your local pharmacy in Powell, TN, for advice regarding the best Vitamin D supplement to take.

These are just a few of the vitamins and nutrients that can be beneficial as you get older. Why not stop by Vaughn Pharmacy during Healthy Aging Month and find out more about what you can do to start living a healthier life.


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