Ah, the battle stories of summers long ago you stepped on a bee, and your mom scrambled to figure out how to mitigate the swelling and pain. Or what about the time your brother baked in the sun for way too long, and his lobster-red skin radiated so much heat you thought he was a personal furnace?

Vaughn Pharmacy in Powell, TN, has seen it all and wants to share some tips and tricks on treating the most common summertime ailments.

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth A Pound of Cure

Let’s try to be proactive. It’s early in the summer season, and we’ll try to keep you from suffering from summertime health problems before they even happen. Vaughn Pharmacy in Powell, TN, thinks prevention saves you a load of headaches and irritable attitudes. Preventing issues before they start promises to keep everyone a little healthier and happier.

  • Sunburns – crisping the skin leads to misery and discomfort. Plus, we know more now than ever about the harmful effects of sunburns. There’s no reason anyone needs to suffer at the cost of playing in the sun. Before going out, apply sunscreen and remember to keep slathering throughout the day.
  • Heatstroke – The most common summer ailment is heatstroke due to spending too much time out in the heat. To avoid overheating, limit your time outdoors between 12 PM and 4 PM when the sun hovers at its hottest. If you spend time outside during those peak hours, make sure to find solace in the shade or cool off inside for some time, escaping the sun.
  • Food poisoning – The worst fate during summer vacation may be spending your time hovering over the toilet in your hotel bathroom. Trying new and exotic foods while away is an adventure all of its own. To help avoid potential food poisoning, be aware of where your food comes from and avoid buying snacks that are parked on vendor carts just baking in the heat and breeding bacteria. Vaughn Pharmacy in Powell, TN, wants you to keep your gut happy and healthy during your travels.
  • Headaches – They plague droves of people spending their days in the sun. Thanks to the heat, dehydration, and activity, we can almost expect headaches. If you proactively drink water and cover-up, so you’re shaded from the blazing ball of fire in the sky, you can lessen your chances of ruining your day with a throbbing head.

Keeping it Natural

No matter how proactively you approach the longest days of the year, problems still plague even the most diligent person. At Vaughn Pharmacy in Powell, TN, we want to offer some tips and tricks that can alleviate select summertime woes. Much of this can be handled naturally, with easy-to-find items you have around your house.

  • Sunburn. If you don’t have any typical over-the-counter creams, you can turn to black tea or apple cider vinegar. Apply to the burn to ease the discomfort.
  • Bug bites or stings. Unfortunately, playing the ‘dodge the bee’ game’ sometimes fails. And those mosquitos are stealthy buggers you don’t see coming. Green clay can pull out the venom from the sting to relieve some of the fallout from insects. Aloe vera, honey, apple cider vinegar, and other common household items work wonders on stings and bites. Also, check with Vaughn Pharmacy in Powell, TN, to find a fix for your irritation.
  • Diaper rash. Even babies don’t escape the fallout from the heat. Their bottoms stewing in warmer temperatures create an environment perfect for diaper rash. Placing chamomile tea bags into the diaper can provide some soothing relief to your baby’s fragile bum.
  • Poison Ivy. If calamine lotion isn’t cutting it, try some green clay. It sucks out the weeping oils from poison ivy rashes to help alleviate the itch.

Summertime brings out the liveliest time of the year. With it comes some unwanted experiences. Vaughn Pharmacy in Powell, TN, is here to help minimize your woes to maximize your carefree vacation time. With a bit of planning and proactive measures, you can sail through the season with stories of burnt s’mores rather than stories of burnt skin.

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