Escaping the headlines about mental health is like trying to avoid drinking water on any given day; it’s impossible. May is Mental Health Awareness month. And, like water, addressing mental health should not be avoided. Your local pharmacy in TN, Vaughn Pharmacy, wants to shed light on this topic in May… and beyond. Just as acceptance and understanding are growing regarding the mental health epidemic, so is the use of CBD Oil, a recently accepted option to treat some mental health ailments (among other physical problems).

What is CBD Oil, and How Did We Get Here?

Your local pharmacy in TN, Vaughn Pharmacy, offers many CBD products. You may hear the catchphrase, ‘CBD’ all of the time, but do you know what it’s all about? Cannabidiol (CBD) naturally occurs as a compound in the flower part of a plant called cannabis. We’ve all heard of marijuana, which derives from the same plant. But, it’s not meant to get people ‘high’. It’s intended for more therapeutic use. CBD dates back so far we can trace it into the BCs. So, it’s been used for healing qualities before anything like Prozac hit the market. In 1940, a group from Illinois University discovered that the helpful parts of the plant didn’t cause psychoactive side effects.

Fast-forward to 1970, and CBD faced a slight halt in momentum. It became tangled up in the war on drugs, and many studies stopped. Momentum peaked in the 80s and 90s when science demonstrated that CBD oil was independent of THC qualities, creating a ‘high’ in users (while remaining medicinal and useful). Your local pharmacy in TN, Vaughn Pharmacy, sees the benefits of this product and offers it to the public in hopes of naturally alleviating some mental health problems.

The Benefits of CBD Oil

On the mental health front, mounting health benefits have been found with CBD oil–

  • Reduce anxiety
  • Relieve stress
  • Temper pain
  • Improve sleep
  • Help with depression
  • Reduce inflammation

If that wasn’t enough, think about why this could be an effective alternative for you

  • It’s natural
  • You don’t need a prescription
  • It’s legal
  • Your local pharmacy in TN, Vaughn Pharmacy, carries high-quality options with high standards.
  • It’s cost-effective
  • Minimal side-effects

CBD Oil in the Limelight

Since you’ve likely heard about CBD products all over the news and social media, it’s probably not surprising that celebrities sing its praises. Your local pharmacy in TN, Vaughn Pharmacy, can understand why many flock to this product.

  • Whoopi Goldberg (movie star/talk show host) is such a believer that she’s ventured into the CBD marketspace. After finding benefits to its use, she’s now working on a line of products formulated for women, including specialty hot chocolate.
  • Jennifer Aniston (beloved Rachel from the TV show Friends) sings praises for CBD products to address mood, and stress, reduce pain and help with her mental health.
  • Montel Williams (the former talk-show powerhouse) openly discusses his battles with multiple sclerosis (MS). Montel found benefits with CBD to aid his chronic condition and pain. He’s currently working with a lab on producing CBD capsules that contain no THC.
  • Melissa Etheridge (powerhouse singer-songwriter) endured invasive breast cancer treatments in 2004. She turned to CBD for relief and became a believer. Even following her recovery, she remains an advocate for CBD use.
  • Kristen Bel (actress extraordinaire) relies on CBD oil for anxiety. She also slathers on CBD lotion to soothe sore muscles. Your local pharmacy in TN, Vaughn Pharmacy, would be equipped to provide for her needs if she ever stopped by!
  • Steve Kerr (NBA Juggernaut) endured excruciating back pain following a surgery in 2015 that included complications. Due to a spinal leak and debilitating effects, Kerr lost half a season with the NBA. He relied on CBD products and medical marijuana for relief. He turned into an advocate for these types of products vs. powerful and addictive pain killers.

It’s so easy to put others before yourself and your own mental health. Your local pharmacy in TN, Vaughn Pharmacy, wants you to take advantage of May being Mental Health Awareness month and remember to focus on YOU. Kids’ activities, significant others’ drama, and work all jumble up in our lives, and we often lose ourselves. If you’re looking for some relief, do some research, talk to Your local pharmacy in TN, Vaughn Pharmacy, and consider all the options to put your mental health back on a positive track. Watching out for and advocating for your wellness is paramount!

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