With big-name chain pharmacies on just about every corner, people are spoiled for choice when it comes to picking a place to pick up their medication. With these huge chains around, it can be easy to overlook the smaller, independent pharmacies in our communities, but these certainly shouldn’t be forgotten. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why your family-owned local pharmacy in Powell, TN, deserves some love!


When you are choosing a pharmacy, one of the most important factors is knowing that they are reliable. You need to know that you can depend on your pharmacist to make the right decisions, offer the right advice, and keep on top of your prescription medications. You might think that a large chain is the best bet for this type of reliability, but unfortunately, that is often not the case. National chains are notoriously understaffed, and when employees are overworked, reliability often suffers as a result. When you choose a local pharmacy in Powell, TN, the team is smaller and usually consists of experienced pharmacists and technicians who have been there for years. This allows smaller pharmacies like Vaughn Pharmacy to offer a more reliable service.

Accuracy & Precision

Something that goes hand in hand with reliability is a pharmacy’s accuracy and precision when filling prescriptions. Sometimes there is a very delicate balance when it comes to the correct dose of certain medications, so it is vital to fill prescriptions accurately. According to a consumer survey, 90% of patients say that a local pharmacy is rated ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’ when scored on speed and accuracy. That means when you visit your local pharmacy in Powell, TN, you are more likely to have your prescription filled accurately, thanks to their ability to monitor everything closely. In the case of Vaughn Pharmacy, we go one step further with our VIP boxes which package all of your medications in easy-to-use tear-off packets for each dose of medication.

Shorter Waiting Times

When you are having a busy day running lots of errands, or when you need to stop by your local pharmacy in Powell, TN, on your lunch break to collect a prescription, you need to make the trip quick. According to the same consumer report mentioned above, 3% of patients shopping at a local pharmacy felt they had to wait a long time for service. This is a meager number compared with the 18% who said the same about big chain pharmacies!


Did you know that your local pharmacy in Powell, TN, is more than twice as likely to suggest or dispense a less expensive brand of medication than a large chain pharmacy? You will find a wider variety of payment options and discount programs on offer at a smaller independent pharmacy, making healthcare more accessible to the local community. It makes great financial sense to stay local when it comes to pharmacy services!

Enhanced Services

Often big chain pharmacies are tied into contracts with specific providers and services. When you choose your local pharmacy in Powell, TN, you will usually have access to a larger variety of enhanced services. This can include a variety of things, including vaccinations, alternative therapies, flu, strep testing, and so much more. At Vaughn Pharmacy, we don’t just stock medications; we are very proud of our store, which contains various health-related products, snacks, gifts, CBD oil products, and more! We believe in supporting our customer’s health needs and offering things that help improve their overall quality of life.

Stronger Relationships & Community Links

Here at Vaughn Pharmacy, we have a motto that says: you’re not just a number; you’re family! We mean that from the bottom of our hearts. We are here to serve our local community. For almost 60 years, we’ve seen our customers grow from children to adults who bring their own families to visit. We’ve shared joyful occasions and offered support through tough times. You are part of the Vaughn Pharmacy family and the Powell community. We believe that these strong relationships allow us to provide the best personalized care that you won’t find at a big chain pharmacy counter.

Your Hometown Pharmacy Since 1966

Vaughn Pharmacy is a local, family-owned pharmacy serving the community in Powell, TN. Specializing in providing personalized and attentive prescription programs to our patients, we believe you are more than just a number – you’re part of our family!


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