Flu, also known as influenza, is a contagious and infectious respiratory illness that affects millions of people around the globe. Flu causes thousands of hospitalizations and deaths every year. Flu epidemics are quite common during winter. In severe cases, there may be many complications. Some of them may even be fatal, especially in older people.

Every year, during the flu season, nearly 8 percent of the entire population in the United States is affected.

Older adults, pregnant women, young children, and people with already existing medical conditions are more susceptible to flu. Receiving the flu vaccine every year reduces the risk of a person contracting the flu infection. The influenza vaccine helps protect people from the possibility of getting the flu.

Availability of the Flu Vaccine

Flu vaccines can easily be obtained from a doctor’s clinic or a hospital in your locality. If you don’t find one at a clinic, you will find it at any local pharmacy in TN.

Vaughn Pharmacy is one such local pharmacy in TN where you can easily get a flu vaccine. You don’t even need to take any prior appointments. Just walk-in to Vaughn Pharmacy and get your shot done within 10 minutes. Easy, isn’t it?

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Benefits of Taking a Flu Vaccine

Here are the benefits of taking a flu shot that people need to consider and prevent themselves from contracting flu and spreading it amongst others.

One a Year and You are Protected

All it takes is just a single flu shot from a local pharmacy TN store to protect you from the active strains of the influenza virus each season. Since new strains of viruses appear every season, it is important to take the flu shot every year.

It Ensures You Don’t Fall Ill

Being vaccinated against flu, the chances of you getting infected become less. This means that you won’t have to take leave from work.

Protects Your Loved Ones

One of the biggest advantages of taking a flu vaccine from a local pharmacy in a TN store is that it protects your loved ones around who have not taken the vaccine or cannot take the vaccine like some small children, parents, and grandparents.

Flu Vaccines are Easily Available Everywhere

In order to get a flu vaccine, you don’t need to run here and there. Just visit a local pharmacy in TN, doctor, hospital, or even a flu clinic to get a flu shot.

It is Safe

Most people who have taken the flu shot have had no major complications or any severe symptoms or side effects from the vaccine. There are some side effects like fever, pain, and headache that may last for a couple of days after taking the vaccine.

Most Health Insurance Policies Cover Flu Shots

A health insurance company wants you to stay healthy. Since a flu vaccine is preventive, flu shots are covered by most health insurance policies, which means you don’t have to pay anything from your pocket.

It is important to keep in mind that although a flu vaccine prevents flu, it is not 100% effective.

Understanding the Difference Between Flu and COVID-19

Both flu and COVID-19 spread through respiratory droplets from an infected person. Some symptoms like cough, fever, and fatigue are common between flu and COVID-19. However, that does not mean both are different. There are several differences between flu and COVID-19.


  • Symptoms begin to appear 1-4 days after exposure.
  • Causative agent is the influenza virus (several strains).
  • Can be prevented with the flu vaccine.
  • Complications are less likely to develop in an individual since the immunity builds up over time.


  • Symptoms begin to appear 1-14 days after exposure.
  • Causative agent is the SARS-CoV-2 virus
  • Can be prevented with self-isolation, wearing masks when going outdoors, social distancing.

Considering the benefits offered by flu vaccination, it makes sense to take the flu shot once a year from a local pharmacy TN like Vaughn Pharmacy since it is not much time-consuming and easily available without any prior appointment.

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