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Does It Matter When You Take Your Medication?

When you receive a prescription for a new medication, your pharmacist may give you instructions about when to take your medication. For example, they may instruct you to take it with food, or at a certain time of day. But does it really matter when you take your medicine? The short answer is yes - depending on the drug it may impact how effective it is.

In some cases, your doctor or pharmacist will recommend taking medication at a certain time of day to provide the maximum benefit with the least side effects. For example, if your prescription is likely to cause drowsiness or nausea then it is best taken before bed so that you can sleep through the worst of the side effects. Other medication may be best taken with food because otherwise, it might damage the lining of your stomach. Similarly, if you take multiple medications it is important to make sure they don't interact with each other, so you may be told to leave a few hours between taking them. As a general rule of thumb if you are advised to take the medication in a certain way or at a certain time of day, then it is always best to follow that advice.

If this all seems a bit confusing for you, then you could benefit from the VIP Pill Box which packages each dose up in a packet marked with the date and time you should take it! Ask in the pharmacy for more information.

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